News Monitoring Services Using AI-based Sentiment analysis tool

News monitoring with news API

Machine learning-based news monitoring services analyze media coverage to help manage brand reputation. They monitor news feeds and quickly notify you of brand mentions and other topics that interest you.

News monitoring services are used in various industries such as marketing agencies, public relations agencies, government offices, corporate brands, retail chains, and even NGOs. In this article, we explain how media monitoring services provide you with information armed with AI videos.

What is News Monitoring?

When you examine what is being said and posted about you in different sources of information, including online news posts, discussion forums, radio, podcasts, magazines, blogs, and even social media, this is called news tracking.

News monitoring services, powered by a sentiment analyzer, and News API are more necessary than ever when every action of a company, its employees, brand ambassadors, or even the organizations with which it is associated is subject to scrutiny, which in turn undermines the financial stability of the company.

The Need For News Monitoring Services

Organizations and brands need to monitor the news at all times because there is so much user-generated content based on social media that can be posted without quotes or fact checks, and anyone can get that information, with just a touch. Beyond this, news monitoring services are essential because the information they provide enables businesses to:

  • Plan for crisis management.
  • Follow influencers and brand ambassadors.
  • Identify emerging trends with Voice of the Customer (VoC) analysis.
  • Quickly follow and respond to brand mentions on all social channels and other online media.
  • Organize brand mentions by theme, subject, and characteristics.
  • Understand the market perception of a brand based on what customers say.
  • Analyzes the behavior of the competition.
  • Automates the tedious task of manually analyzing data from many sources of information.
  • Create relevant and more meaningful advertising campaigns.
  • Identify areas that need to be improved and those that need to be scaled up.

How do News Media Monitoring Services work?

News monitoring platforms are powered by ML algorithms that take preprocessed data, process it, and then present it to the user. The whole process is as follows:

Step 1 — Data Collection

News monitoring services collect data from various sources such as TV, magazines, radio, podcasts, videos, etc. to analyze the feeling in them. It is important that these sources are relevant because the resulting information will depend on them.

The platform can collect data in two ways:

API data- Data can be uploaded through Live News API such as, Google News API, and similar

Manual- If your team has data that has been collected manually from other sources, you can upload it yourself to the Sentiment Analysis news tracker under the .csv file form

Step 2 — Data Processing

Smart text analysis and sentiment extraction tools like Bytesview process all collected news data in all formats. Bytesview’s sentiment analysis tool works best in news media monitoring services.

It also analyzes video data with its strong Video Content Analysis (VCA) capability. The AI ​​video function undertakes the following activities to obtain information:

Audio transcription The audio of the video (it also does this with radio or podcast data) is transcribed via text-to-speech software extracted and analyzed by characteristics, entities, or subjects classified as key

Image overlay All images are recognized and captured by optical character recognition (OCR)

Logo recognition All logos that appear in the background of the video, including the presenter’s clothing and on items such as mugs, posters, bags, etc. are withdrawn.

ML Engine Text Extraction Media Monitoring Services collects all text from audio-video and converts all logos and brands to text, extracting them for sentiment analysis. This includes emojis and hashtags

Step 3 — Data Analysis

Now that the data has been collected and processed, the news tracking platform will analyze it for languages, custom tags, and sentiment.

Training the model We will create a training dataset to train the machine learning platform by manually cleaning up the text and annotating it.

Multilingual data Platforms such as Bytesview will analyze each language in which the text is found, individually, thanks to multilingual data processing.

In this case, the platform does not translate the text but uses the voice tags of each language to read it natively, etc. Depending on industries such as healthcare, retail, aerospace, etc. Subject classification

Subject classifiers link a particular topic to a text for mapping. “Remote control cars were expensive, but cuddly toys and Barbie dolls were really reasonable.” Will be marked as a “price” argument.

Sentiment Analysis Each theme, aspect, and entity is analyzed for sentiment polarity within a range of 1 to +1. The different aspects are analyzed such as cleanliness, price, convenience, position, speed, functionality, etc., and an overall score for the brand is generated.

Step 4 — Data Visualization

The intelligence service platform graphs all the information it has calculated for brand sentiment and presents them on a sentiment analysis dashboard.

This is how a company can learn about the general public’s perception of it, or when there are important deadlines such as new product launches, CEO press releases, stock market fluctuations, etc.

Applications of News Monitoring Services

TV broadcast monitoring

News monitoring services search all TV news channels for news that directly or indirectly concerns you. Depending on the regions or languages ​​you select for tracking, the news sentiment analysis platform will look at all data to ensure that any coverage about you is processed for emotion extraction.

This may also relate to documentaries or interviews on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, and not just regular cable TV news programs.

Radio and podcast monitoring

News media monitoring services can also collect information from radio stations and podcasts from various applications and streaming services. Just like video, the news analytics engine will translate all audio into text formats before categorizing, tagging, and performing sentiment analysis. Learn more about audio analysis.

Monitoring News Websites

News websites contain a lot of information not only in text form but also in photojournalism and video form. This is why AI-based video timeliness sentiment analysis is very important to extract information from online news sources.

The OCR functionality, together with video content analysis, analyzes all the relevant information that can influence your brand and presents all the data in the form of facts, figures, and charts on an intuitive dashboard.

Social media monitoring

Today almost all social media channels are used by news agencies. Social platforms like Facebook have a news section and Twitter is a platform that is always ready to get information on trends.

News monitoring services collect important data using social media sentiment analysis from sources like these using hashtags which may have different news under the same hashtags.

This type of complex review of online data and new trends can be very useful for businesses, especially in the fast-moving retail, fashion, or product industries.

Watch forums and review sites

Chat rooms and review sites are a great way to understand the market and emerging trends. A text analytics API can collect key data so that you can compare it with current and past data to gain insight and predictions on market movements.

Such information is used by all organizations, from high-end luxury brands to clothing brands, to analyze customer sentiment towards new products, product improvements, quality of service, competitive assessment, and other aspects.

Stock Market Forecast

Movements in the stock market can be easily studied and assessed for impending fluctuations by media monitoring services.

A platform like Bytesview can analyze financial news in different countries and sources of information that can influence a business, thus providing valuable data for urgent decisions. Read this use case to learn more.