Applications of’s historical news datasets.

Applications of’s historical news datasets.

Every time a website publishes a new article, such as this one, the global source of public information gets a little richer. This wealth attracts researchers, but trying to use them creates problems for them with accumulating needles.

Yes, Google News used to provide an archive. I can examine, but that’s not an option for years. So what if your research requires you to compile an accurate history of relevant articles online? Of course, there are many free open source trackers and scanners used by the data-hungry citizens of the Internet.

If you have experience with this, you will appreciate how difficult the task is. Clearing one news site often means navigating complex JavaScript, payment restrictions, IP blockers, and more. Even for larger organizations, implementing it internally for the entire Internet is often not out of the question.

Fortunately, some startups are already doing the job for you like, they provide a news API to fetch news data from their servers.

  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Research
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Media & Web Monitoring

Go beyond stock trends and expand your financial analysis with vast datasets on the web. Access structured and machine-readable data sources from global news, forums, e-commerce sites, and blogs to gain insight into financial markets and make data-driven investment decisions.

Build on the wisdom of the crowds

Public opinion reflected in discussions, rumors, and online news can be an important indicator of a company’s or stock’s performance. By tracking information as it spreads across the web, you can gather a valuable data source ready for further analysis and information generation.

Enrich your predictive analytics and risk modeling

Even the most sophisticated algorithms won’t get you very far if you don’t have enough data points. provides you with immediate access to a massive repository of new and historical data in a unified format that can be easily plugged into your existing code.

Get a more complete perspective of companies, persons, and entities

Analyst briefings and shareholder reports almost never tell the whole story. To truly understand the market, examine as many relevant data points as possible from a variety of sources — and the web is a critical source of alternative data that grows larger and richer by the second.

Test your hypotheses with historical data

Have you discovered an intriguing correlation? Do you think you’re on to something? Put it through its paces with real-world data. Our historical data can be used to determine whether your current predictive models would have performed well if applied at a different point in time.

Almost any company wants to get all the information it needs before making important decisions, but a truly data-driven organization will go beyond internal data sources and uncover the truth — the abundance of alternative data that modern technology provides.

Data for your competitive intelligence

If you want to keep abreast of every important step your competitors are taking, a Google alert is not enough. You want to add negative and positive reviews, see what people are saying in online forums, and know all the relevant news instead of a handful of them, with, you can do just that.

Monitoring market requirements for products or services

Monitor the market demand for products and services and get insights on what people are demanding and design your products or services accordingly. This provides invaluable insights into the competitive landscape.

Our newsapi fetches news data from around the world and that also covers what people are talking about and what are the hot topics around the world

News and historical data

In addition to the thousands of news sources in over 100 languages ​​regularly monitored by, our online news archive contains terabytes of historical news content from the last ten years — all available on-demand based on keyword matching and detailed filters that you determine in advance.

Only pay for the news data that you really need

We understand that for some organizations, obtaining new competitive information is an ongoing and important undertaking, while for others it may be a one-off or annual project. That’s why we serve both cases with flexible plans.

Partnering with means eliminating long-term contracts and investing heavily in short-term projects, but you can support large-scale enterprise deployments. You define the exact type and amount of data that you need to find the answer, and that’s all you need to buy.

Data is the oil of the 21st century and no industry is more demanding than AI and Machine learning, and for that provides historical news datasets to feed your ML and AI algorithms. helps you to create the following bleeding-area AI or deep studying app through leveraging the energy of based information data. Improve your algorithms with access to terabytes of structured historical news datasets, collected from millions of news websites across the globe.

Make use of structured news data from global news websites.

An incomprehensible amount of news data is being generated every day in the form of content uploaded to the web. With, the web becomes your data science playground — we crawl the web, fetch and structure it, allowing you to instantly tap into the global online structured news datasets to power smarter machine learning, neural networks, or predictive models.

NLP training data, sentiment analysis, and AI

The strength of your application depends on the quality of your news feed. is the ideal training data source, giving you access to high-quality, structured news datasets and a massive repository of natural language content to be used in algorithms. We regularly scan millions of sources in over 30+ languages, including all kinds of news sites.

Use our familiar API tools and SDKs to get started right away.

Forget about proprietary scripts and struggle with obscure data formats. is designed to make things easier for data scientists and developers as it is based on a simple RESTful API that anyone can master in no time.

Whether you’re writing Python, R, or Java, integrating JSON, XML, or XLS data from into existing code is quick and easy. And if you get stuck, our Customer service team can help you extract the data you need.

Adjustable pricing for individuals and companies of all sizes datasets are used by individuals and organizations of all sizes. Get started with our API for free and pay as you grow with customized plans for every use case, from smallest to largest. Whether you’re a bootstrapped company with small budgets and big dreams, or a data science team in a Fortune 500, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re in the web tracking business, your customers expect all-around coverage in the first place — they pay you to keep you on top of the latest web news and mention your brand that they expect from you in real-time.

With, you can get the best coverage possible without spending hundreds of developer hours building your own tracking solution.

Just visit our data sources to keep up with important online news, reviews, and discussions if they matter. top media monitoring companies and get the latest data with unprecedented ease.

Never overlook an intriguing story.

Whether you have an existing solution or work with other vendors, Webhose is guaranteed to dramatically improve your open network coverage.

Our many years of market experience and unique tracking and indexing technology give us an edge over third-party vendors’ data and ensure that our customers receive high-quality data and metadata at scale.

You can use granular filtering to refine your queries and get the trend stories you want as they circulate across the network in a targeted and cost-effective manner, or you can turn to an enterprise fire hydrant and get all of our data instantly when we collect it.

You now have access to high-quality, low-latency news data.

Forget about crawling, extracting, and parsing — we crawl the web for you, save your developers a lot of time and money, and provide highly parsed data in a variety of formats: JSON, XML, RSS, or XLS.

The data source is ready to go and integrates very easily into your existing systems using a simple RESTful API that developers are familiar with.

The data is structured in a single format, which means that without any conflicts on your part, just write a few lines of code in your favorite programming language to get started.

Scale-up as you grow.

You can use as much of our segmented data as you need, without any long-term commitment and hassle-free.

Our subscription is monthly and you can change your API limit or switch programs at any time, giving you the option to pay only when you see a clear value.’s historical news data offer a huge repository of sources comprised of news data. Filter and create datasets covering particular topics, organizations, time periods, and more. To get started, simply fill the historical news data request form and get the relevant news data according to your request in JSON, CSV, or Excel formats.

Simplicity is the key to happiness.